Teenage Health

The teenage health project exists for students of Rivington and Blackrod High School and Sixth Form to receive help and support through life's problems and issues. Our friendly health workers are fully qualified, trained and experienced in helping young people to work through their problems and overcome bad habits.  We can give you advice and guidance on any issues related to bullying, nutrition, eating disorders, sexual health, stress, family problems, relationship problems, general health, or anything else that may be worrying you.

"Schools have an important role to play in promoting healthy lifestyles, it is well known that health needs and concerns will impact on a child's ability to learn. In our efforts to secure every child's right to a happy and healthy future we work closely with Rivington and Blackrod High School to offer drop in sessions for pupils in school and support the delivery of the personal, social and health education curriculum." 

Janet Wright, Senior Nurse for 5-19 Universal Services

What services do we offer?

We have specialist help available for you and offer a young people friendly provision; many of these services are delivered through drop in sessions which you can access through self-referral or through an appointment system. During the drop in sessions, we maintain confidentiality unless we feel that you are in danger - if this happens we will discuss it with you. Sessions include:

School Nurse – Your School Nurse can help you with any health problems you may have, any immunizations you need and she can offer you emotional support. You can get information, leaflets and advice or she can help you to access other services. Appointments can be made or there is a drop in every Monday.

General Health Drop in – This is a young person’s provision which can help you with anything that is affecting your health and well being. Staff are all fully qualified so you can be reassured that they can deal with any problems. The service is totally confidential and you can access it from within school or you can access The Parallel drop in which is located in Bolton Town Centre.

Stop Smoking Service – Smoking is one of the most addictive habits and harder to quit than most, which is why we have help for you in the form of ‘Dock it out’. This is Rivington and Blackrod High School’s ‘Stop Smoking service’ which can help you to give up. You can get free counselling and group therapy to help you stop smoking. 

General Health and Nutrition – The health drop in is delivered by the Teenage Health Coordinator, Emma.  You can see her for any concerns or worries you may have, for example bullying, eating problems, stopping smoking etc.

Peer Mentors – There are student peer mentors in school who you may go and see if you have any issues around bullying or anything that you feel that you would like to talk to someone your own age about.

For any of these sessions, you can ask to see a male or female member of staff if you prefer.

Monday12.45pm-1.35pmParallel Nurse Drop In
Tuesday12.45pm-1.35pmGeneral Health Drop In
Wednesday10.45am-11.05amGeneral Health Drop In
12.45pm-1.35pmGeneral Health Drop In
Thursday10.45am - 11.05amGeneral Health Drop In
12.45pm-1.35pmGeneral Health Drop In
Teenage Health Weekly Timetable

Where can you find us?

You can always email the Teenage Health Project at any time at thealth@rbhs.co.uk or call into the Teenage Health Room which is near the Chapel in F Block.

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