Uniform Policy

As a school, we firmly believe that our school uniform at both Key Stage 3 and 4 plays a valuable role in contributing to our ethos and setting an appropriate tone which supports effective teaching and learning. Working with students, we have made a lot of progress towards achieving the consistent appearance of students in uniform across both key stages and we are keen to maintain this, therefore all students should wear the specified school uniform below with names clearly marked on each item.

  • There is a NO jewellery policy, except for a watch (no smart watches)
  • All incorrect jewellery will be confiscated by staff. Students will be monitored over time and persistent offenders will receive escalating consequences.
  • Body piercing and adornment of any form is not permitted.
  • Students refusing or unable to remove jewellery will receive a C4 ISOLATION from lessons.
  • Where students arrive at school in the incorrect footwear an alternative form of footwear will be offered enabling the student to choose to remain in school lessons and continue learning. Should the student choose not to remove the incorrect footwear an automatic C4 ISOLATION will be issued. This also applies to other issues related to incorrect uniform.
  • NO extreme hairstyles or colour (e.g. hair length less than 1.5, patterns shaved into their heads (including eyebrows) mohican e.g shaven and longer length hair worn together / unnatural/block or contrasting colours)
  • Hair accessories must be dark and discreet  
  • Caps and hats must not be worn.
  • Hooded tops MUST NOT be worn
  • Minimal natural looking make up is allowed. No eye make up. No coloured lipstick. No fake tan.
  • No acrylic or false nails allowed. Only clear colourless nail polish may be worn.
Equipment for all years

Essential: Appropriate school bag (NO SMALL 'MAN BAGS'), planner, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, scientific calculator, reading book. 

Desirable: Protractor, compass, glue stick.

What will happen if students choose not to follow all parts of the uniform regulations?

Consequences: If students do not comply with all parts of the uniform regulations, they will be given the chance to remain in school and continue learning, however, should the student choose not to remove the offending item, or accept an alternative form of footwear, then an automatic C4 isolation will be issued. This may also apply to other issues relating to incorrect uniform. 
In case of jewellery, caps, hooded tops, MP3 players etc. these will be confiscated, a communication sent home and the item(s) held in the main office until acknowledgement is received from a parent/ carer, before being returned. However, in the case of persistent confiscation of any item(s) a  parent/ carer will be informed and asked to collect in person.

Students must accept responsibility for their own personal possessions and equipment whilst on the school site. Please avoid valuable items being brought into school.

The school will not be held responsible for any item of uniform or equipment lost or stolen in school.

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