Teaching & Learning

At Rivington and Blackrod High School, teaching and learning is the basis of school improvement and the quality of teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we do.  We strive to ensure that learning is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to be involved in reflective practice, researching teaching and learning in their own classrooms and in other schools and greater involvement in the process of learning, whether a subject or the craft of teaching, promotes understanding and better practice.

Our aims and principles are:

  • To secure high quality teaching and learning throughout school.
  • To raise achievement and ensure all students fulfil their potential as learners.
  • Encourage staff to reflect on their own practice.
  • Encourage staff to become intrinsically motivated to do the best job they can.
  • Develop lead practitioners in the area of teaching and learning who have outstanding experience and pedagogy to support.
  • Disseminate good practice throughout school.

At Rivington and Blackrod High School we organise sustained site based, collaborative CPD to support teachers in evaluating and embedding new approaches and ideas. The fact that this takes place over the whole of the academic year allows teachers to embed new practices in their classroom and gives time for reflection, observation and for feedback.

The most effective forms of staff development and CPD are those which were personalised to suit the needs of the individuals and of our school. Consequently our twilight training sessions have focused on these particular needs, for example creativity, questioning, ‘What is an outstanding lesson?’ observing lessons and giving feedback.

Team teaching, paired lesson observations and the use of coaches and mentors play a part in individual professional development and in the growth of a confident, self-critical culture.

Over the academic year, departments also choose areas of teaching and learning on which they turn their focus and these add additional motivation for staff to develop their pedagogical subject knowledge and recognise how to engage students with the subject. As a consequence of this, our teachers know how to use their subject expertise in such a way that connects with the students’ level of understanding and fosters genuine enthusiasm for the subject.

All teachers in school are given the definition slide below of what constitutes an outstanding lesson: 

Slide displaying what constitutes and outstanding lesson