Mathematics Faculty

The department aims to give every student the opportunity to equip themselves with the essential skills and qualifications that they will need to flourish on their chosen path. The students are encouraged to think problems through logically and embrace new technologies.

The aims of the Department are to:

  • Place the child at the centre of learning.
  • Promote the interest, curiosity and enjoyment in the learning of Mathematics and ICT.
  • Develop all students irrespective of ability or agenda and maximise individual potential.
  • Set high standards of expectation in student performance and behaviour.
  • Encourage students to take pride in their work.
  • Employ a broad and balanced variety of teaching and learning strategies.
  • Prepare students for appropriate external examinations.
  • Develop pupils’ confidence to ensure they cope with the Mathematical needs of adult life.
  • Provide opportunities for the application of Mathematics to real life situations.
  • Provide an appreciation of the importance of Mathematics in the world of work.
  • Develop problem-solving skills.
  • Establish the importance of Mathematics to other subjects.
  • Endeavour to continually improve standards of achievement in Mathematics at Rivington and Blackrod High School.

A range of qualifications are offered including GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Further Mathematics, A-Level Mathematics and A-Level Further Mathematics. In A-Level Mathematics  the students are able to study the separate disciplines of Pure Maths, Statistics, Mechanics and Decision Maths.  For students going on to Oxbridge we also tutor for STEP – The Sixth Term Extension Paper. To view the curriculum plans for maths please click on the links below:

- Maths Curriculum KS3
- Maths Curriculum KS4
- Maths Curriculum Year 12
- Maths Curriculum Year 13
- Further Curriculum Year 12
- Further Curriculum Year 13

If you require further information, or wish to visit the department, please contact the Director of Faculty, Ms R Hugill by calling 01204 333266 or by e-mail