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Citizenship & PSHE

Head of Department: Mrs P Hare

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Addressing Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment between children in schools and colleges.

In March 2021, the government launched a review into sexual violence and harassment in schools and colleges. In September 2021 the DFE published guidance for all schools in order to ensure that all children grow up safe from abuse. As a school we are committed to ensuring that all our pupils are protected from harm, that unacceptable behaviour is challenged and that pupils are given a strong knowledge and understanding of what constitutes a positive healthy relationship.

To complement the whole school approach to tackling sexual violence and harassment in schools pupils across all year groups will receive 2 focused workshops which cover the following topics:

  • What is Sexual Harassment and why is it important to challenge it?
  • Unwanted touching – Why is it important to recognise and respect personal boundaries?
  • What is classed as unacceptable behaviour?
  • Exploring Sexual Harassment online
  • How do I report sexual violence and harassment in school?

These messages will continue to be explored and reinforced through PSHE education. The relationship and sex education programme which is delivered in Year 9 and 11 has a strong focus on challenging sexualised language, understanding consent, the importance of respect and communication in relationships, how to recognise grooming and exploitation, and explores acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Pupils are taught how to recognise these dangers and where and how to seek help and support.

Sexual exploitation, teen relationship abuse and issues around sharing nude images are explored through the personal safety topic in year 10. Online sexual harassment is discussed through the managing risk topic delivered in the summer term of year 7.

PSHE Lessons are an important part of preventative education and we aim to provide a safe space to challenge attitudes that can grow into disrespect and violence. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop the communication skills needed to convey difficult messages, develop empathy and express how they feel. They are taught the importance of speaking out against abuse and given vital information on how to report unacceptable behaviour. It is our aim to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills needed to form positive healthy relationships in adult life free from harm and abuse.

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