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Local Governing Committee

The Local Governing Committee will consist of 12 members.  The constitution will be;

  • two parent governors
  • one staff governor
  • the Headteacher
  • three diocese governors
  • five co-opted governors 

They are as follows:

Mr P Roach, Headteacher

Mr S Foster, Chair of Governors

Mr Foster has lived in Horwich for twenty-six years and has been a Governor at Rivington and Blackrod High School for nine years.  

He is Managing Director of the Education Training Partnership, a training agency which supports young adults and helps them to secure employment.  His term of office began on 01/03/2017.

Mr K McKeon, Co-opted Governor

Mr McKeon is a retired secondary school teacher and member of Bolton and Horwich Councils. He has three grown up sons and four grandchildren. His experience and interest is in education. Rivington and Blackrod High School serves the community he represents and he says the school has a proud history and deservedly, has a great reputation. With the rest of the Governors he is very keen to use his skills and knowledge to support the school in its mission to nurture and educate the young people in our care.

Mr McKeon is Director at Bolton at Home and Chair of Governors at Chorley New Road Primary School. His term of office began on 01/03/2017.

Mrs L Elo, Vice Chair, Co-opted Governor

Mrs Elo has undertaken a range of governor training and been involved in two Governor Business Weekends, which have helped her to understand the role and responsibility of a governor, as well as the challenges teachers face with significant changes to the curriculum. Mrs Elo works for a district council as a Neighbourhood Manager which involves working with many different agencies such as youth services, social care, police and the voluntary sector to provide healthy and safe communities to live, work and play in.  All of her work involves developing community cohesion and early intervention by working in partnership to achieve the same goal.

Mrs Elo is particularly interested in how we, as a school support all children of all learning abilities through the use of our funding (pupil premium) and innovative methods such as coaching (for students and staff). She is a qualified coach and manager, and is currently undertaking part-time study for an MSc in Children and Young People’s Integrated Practice.  

Mrs Elo is a Neighbourhood Manager, Chorley Council. Her term of office began on 01/03/2017.

Mr H Patel, Co-opted Governor

Mr Patel is an IT Project Manager and also a qualified accountant. He has worked at Warburtons for more than twenty years and his wife is a Primary School teacher in Bolton. He has two sons both of whom are at Rivington and Blackrod High School.  He is particularly interested in the school delivering high standards of achievement and declares that he is IT Project Manager at Warburtons.  His term of office began on 01/03/2017.

Mrs S Horan, Co-opted Governor

Mrs Horan has three children who have all attended Rivington and Blackrod High School. She works in the pensions industry, managing one of the UK’s largest pension schemes. Her particular interests as a governor are to ensure that school’s funds are used as effectively as possible to support the students in achieving their full potential.

Mrs Horan's business interests are Company Secretary of PACE Trustees Ltd, Co-Operative Group, Pace Trustees Ltd and TCG Northern Trustees Ltd. Her term of office began on 01/03/2017.

Reverend S Fletcher, Foundation Governor

Reverend Fletcher has been a Foundation Governor since 2001, when he arrived as Team Rector of the Horwich & Rivington Anglican Churches (now in partnership with Blackrod Church). His two children attended Rivington and Blackrod High School and, with two other Foundation Governors, he is appointed by the Deane Deanery to represent the original Founders of this Voluntary Controlled Church of England High School.  Reverend Fletcher is a Governor at Horwich Parish CE Primary School. 

Reverend Fletcher has no business interests to declare. His term of office began on 01/03/2017.

Reverend D Griffiths, Foundation Governor

Reverend Griffiths is a Church Foundation Governor and a retired Church of England vicar in Horwich, Heaton and Ainsworth. He is married and their three children attended Rivington and Blackrod High School. His particular interests include Rivington and Blackrod High School being an 'open' inclusive church school, involved in the community with high standards across subjects including Religious Studies; and provision for most able and special needs students.

Reverend Griffiths has no business interests to declare. His term of office began on 01/03/2017.

Mr P Holden, Foundation Governor

Mr Holden is a Foundation Governor who is married with two adopted grown up sons.  He is Assistant warden at Rivington Parish Church and a retired secondary school teacher of Mathematics, Computer Studies and Information Communication Technology with thirty-two years of service.  His last teaching post was Head of ICT and ICT Coordinator at Bishop Rawstorne C of E Language College.  Peter believes that education is the foundation for life as an adult and young people need support to be able to access opportunities open to them.  As a practicing christian he feels that the church has a role in helping to provide education for all.

Peter has no business interests to declare. His term of office began on 01/03/2017..

Mrs C Rehan, Parent Governor

Mrs Rehan is keen that all children reach their full potential and take an active role in their learning and development.  She is a Clinical Psychologist working with adults with physical health problems and is based at the Royal Bolton Hospital. Her clinical training gave her a broad range of experience working with children, adults, and learning disabled adults as well as research. She hopes to use these skills in her term of office. Her term of office began in October 2015.

Mr P Wright, Parent Governor

Mr Wright is a Horwich resident and a primary Headteacher in Salford and a coach of one of the RMI junior teams.  He is passionate about creating the very best provision of a wide-range of opportunities for youngsters in our area, and sees the school as central to serving both its pupils and the community.  Through his work in education he has full knowledge of curriculum, finance, staffing and premises.  He would particularly seek to ensure constructive links with stakeholders to give the best possible transition links for pupils from primary to secondary and is keen to see the school continue its strong links with colleges, universities and local/regional employers.  His term of office began on 08/01/2018.

Mr A Brown, Staff Governor

Mr Brown is Head of PE at RBHS - His term of office began on 08/01/2018

If you would like to get involved and become a governor, please contact Yvonne Massey on ymassey@rbhs.co.uk for further information.


Please click here for Local Governing Committee Register of Interests.