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General Information/Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I do if I think my child has a Special Educational Need or Disability?

 If you think your child has a Special Educational Need or Disability contact the school and make an appointment with Mrs J Rawlings (the SENCO), to discuss your concerns and worries. The SENCO can be contacted on (01204) 333266 or email JRawlings@rbhs.co.uk. Your concerns can also be expressed to your child’s Year Team who will pass the details onto the SENCO.


What is the school ethos/approach to SEN and Disability?

 Rivington and Blackrod High School is an inclusive school that works hard to ensure that children of all abilities achieve their potential. Our committed SEN team ensures that every student is given the opportunity to access the curriculum.

Our staff provide support within the classroom and through individual and group learning programmes. We are committed to the idea that all our pupils, regardless of ability, have an equal right to a broad and balanced curriculum. We work hard to ensure that this objective is met. To this end, the School will ensure that the resources that they have at their disposal are being used effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of all students. We are proud that we are an inclusive school in every sense of the word.


How will I know how my child is doing in school?

 All Students within the school are assessed throughout the year in each of their curriculum subjects and interim reviews are sent out to Parents/Carers throughout the year. The Students also have their reading and spelling ages tested each year. On entry to the school in year 7, Students complete Cognitive Ability Tests. Students with SEN, who also require additional specialised teaching are assessed a further three times in the school year to ensure they are making progress. Students with Statements or Educational Health Care Plans will have three reviews each year to ensure they are meeting or working towards the aspirational targets they have been set.


What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

 The SEN team will work cooperatively with primary schools to address transition issues and to ensure a continuity of staged provision; meeting with SEN students and in some circumstances their parents, prior to transfer. Identified Year 6 students are given an opportunity to experience and become familiar with Rivington and Blackrod High School through a series of individual or small group visits during the summer term prior to admission. Upon entry, each student who has a statement or an EHC plan including those students accessing specialist provisions full time, have direct access to a key worker who mentors weekly and provides pastoral/wellbeing support, liaising with home on a regular basis.  In the HUB Nurture provision, we run homework clubs, deliver anger management courses by trained staff and provide a “quiet space” for children with anxiety and other temporary difficulties.

We work closely with various specialist support services such as Ladywood Outreach Service, Speech and Language therapists, Behaviour for Learning mentors, literacy specialist teachers, experienced counsellors and Educational Psychologists, whom we can call upon to offer support for your child.

The pastoral structure ensures that our students meet with their form tutor once each day and are further supported by the Pastoral Year Lead so that they have a familiar face to talk through any problems or ask for advice. We know our students well and do our very best to ensure they learn in a safe environment so that they will develop into self-reliant and resilient individuals. When problems do occur, our students know that they will be listened to and that we will work together in partnership to resolve issues quickly and fairly.


How will I be involved in discussions about, planning for, and involvement in, my child’s education?

 The school works closely with parents to support students with special educational needs. At Rivington and Blackrod High School parents are fully included in the process of working with their children/young adults. This includes: 

  • Initial visits to school
  • Introductory meetings
  • Daily exchanges and key messages
  • Parent/Carer and teacher meetings including update from professionals
  • Annual Review meeting and report
  • Parental Representation on Governing Body
  • Parent involvement in changes in school through informal and formal consultations


How does Rivington and Blackrod High School involve children and young people in their education and in the decision making process?

At Rivington and Blackrod High School we want every young person to succeed, knowing and feeling that they matter. We provide the very best care, guidance and support to ensure that they feel safe and can grow as successful learners and caring citizens. We empower students to manage and direct their own learning and work towards their future career and aspirations. All statemented students or those with an EHCP will take part in their Child Centred Annual review. During this they will play a key role in the decision making process with regards to their education.


Who, outside of school, can I turn to for advice and support?

  • Ladywood Outreach, Ladywood School, Masefield Road, Bolton BL3 1NG Tel; 01204 333400
  • Educational Psychology Service, Children’s Services Department, Paderborn House, Civic Centre, Bolton, BL1 1UA
  • CAMHS, Royal Bolton Hospital, Minerva Road, Farnworth, Bolton. BL4 0JR Tel: 01204 390659
  • Behaviour Support Service, 98 Waters Meeting Rd, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 8SW Tel:01204 338133
  • Sensory Support, Thomasson Memorial School, Devonshire Road, Bolton BL1 4PJ Tel: 01204 333118
  • Physiotherapist, Royal Bolton Hospital, Minerva Road, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, BL4 0JR Telephone: 01204 390390
  • Occupational Therapist, Royal Bolton Hospital, Minerva Road, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, BL4 0JR Telephone: 01204 390390
  • Disabled Living, Pikes Lane Health Centre, Address: Deane Road, Bolton, BL3 5HP Telephone: 01204 463700 -SENCATT, email office@sencatt.co.uk
  • School Counsellor, Head Office, Cathedral Centre, Salford
  • Speech and Language Therapy Service, Breightmet Health Centre, Breightmet Fold Lane, Bolton BL2 6NT Tel: 01204 462670
  • Bolton Information and Advisory Service, Lowndes Street, Bolton, BL1 4QB Telephone 01204 848722

Where can I find information about the Local Authority provision for children and young people?

There is further detail on the Local Offer for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and their families on the local authority website: www.bolton.gov.uk/website/pages/Specialeducationalneedslocaloffer.aspx


How should complaints regarding SEND provision be made and how will they be dealt with?

 Staff and governors of Rivington and Blackrod High School wish to work co-operatively with parents and other members of the community to ensure the school provides a high quality of service. As a consequence, we are very keen that any initial concerns are brought to our attention so that they can be dealt with quickly and effectively; in the first instance our SENCO will address any concerns.


How do I get a copy of the school SEND Policy?

The Special Educational Need and Disability Policy is available both on the website or directly from school. Please click here to see the SEND policy.


Who do I contact for further information?

Mrs J Rawlings, B.Ed., NASENCO

Rivington and Blackrod High School and Sixth Form, Rivington Lane, Rivington, Bolton, BL6 7RU

Tel: 01204 333266     

Email: JRawlings@rbhs.co.uk


More Information

For more specific information relating to Special Educational Needs and School’s local offer on the services available to help families, please click here.