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Rivington and Blackrod High School is a large secondary school based in Bolton. We have over 200 staff and governors and more than 1800 students. Sometimes, finding the person you need to talk to can seem a little daunting. 

Senior Leaders and Heads of Teaching Departments are listed below in departmental order. If you need to contact a member of staff, please call the main reception or email office@rbhs.co.uk. You can also contact a particular member of staff using "firstinitialsurname"@rbhs.co.uk. 

If you encounter any problems, please contact us on 01204 333266.

Staff list

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher

Mr P Roach

Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral Care

Mr A Tipney

Deputy Headteacher - Director of Pedagogy and Standards

Mr A Dalton-Bunker

Associate Deputy Quality Assurance Teaching and Learning


Mrs V Walmsley

Associate Deputy KS3 & KS4

Mr M Atherton

Director of Teaching and Learning

Ms J Lyons

Director of Inclusion and SEND

Mr A Kirby

Director of Sixth Form

Mrs J Stephens

Director of Progress

Mrs S Guyton

Specialist Support

Head of Teaching & Learning

Ms L Clarke

Initial Teacher Training Lead

Mr N Velupillai

Head of Personal Development

Mr A Brown

Head of Student Progression

Mr J Entwistle

Intervention Support                                   Ms L Binks

Head of English

Ms S Moore

Assistant Head of English

Mrs D Aspinall

Assistant Head of English 

Ms S Erskine

Assistant Head of English

Mr J Norcross           


Head of Maths

Mr J Fiddler

Assistant Head of Maths 

Ms K Alker

Assistant Head of Maths

Mr D Eyres


Assistant Head of Maths

Ms K McPartlan


Head of Science

Ms D Kaniuka

Assistant Head of Science

Mr G Metcalfe

Assistant Head of Science

Ms C Poole

Assistant Head of Science

 Ms R Hanson Mahon

Design Technology

Head of Technology

Ms S Dunlop


Assistant Head Technology   

Ms L Arkwright


Head of Art

Mr K Hussain

Assistant Head of Art

Ms G Chisnall

PE & Outdoor Education

Head of PE/Outdoor Education

Ms L Jordan

Assistant Head of PE

Ms H Wilkinson

Computer Science 

Head of Computer Science

Mr W Carter


Assistant Head of Computer Science

Mr J Santarcangelo

Business Studies

Head of Business Studies

Mr D Petrie


Assistant Head of Business Studies

Ms P Cunningham
Social Sciences

Head of Social Sciences 

Ms S Manchester

Assistant Head of Social Sciences

Ms R Gallagher


Head of History

Mr C Andrew

Assistant Head of History

Mr A Bimpson


Head of Geography

Ms K Parkinson


Assistant Head of Geography

Ms R Chapman


Head of RS/PSHCE

Mr D Barnes

Assistant Head of RS

Mr M Silius

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of MFL

Ms V Ibanez

Assistant Head of MFL

Ms M Gauvrit


Head of Music

Ms L Mulholland


Head of Drama

Ms J Shaw

SEN Team


Ms J Rawlings


Assistant SENCO

Ms L Molloy

Hub (Lower School)

HUB Lead (lower)

Ms S Wharton

 Year Group Leadership Teams

Associate Assistant Headteacher  - Lower School Mr R Needham
Head of Key Stage 4         Mr C Bradshaw

Head of Key Stage 3        

Mr S McCarthy

Head of Year 7

Mr E Cavill

Pastoral Year Lead - Year 7 Ms D Fraser
Head of Year 8

Mr D McIntyre

Assistant Head of Year 8

Mr N Dalton
Pastoral Year Lead - Year 8 Ms C Brides
Head of Year 9 Ms J Sherry

Assistant Head of Year 9

Mr T Spence
Pastoral Year Lead - Year 9

Ms E Riding

Head of Year 10 Mr D Riley

Assistant Head of Year 10

Mr A Catterall
Pastoral Year Lead - Year 10 Ms L Hallam
Head of Year 11 Mr M Kerr

Assistant Head of Year 11

Pastoral Year Lead - Year 11 Ms R Heys
Head of Year 12/13 Ms S Holden
Pastoral Year Lead - Year 12/13 Ms G Hartley