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Careers Information

During Year 12, it is important to take time to research your future education and career choices. You may think it's too early to do this, but University applications are made in September/October of your second year when you will be busy with Year 13 studies and have limited time for research.

At Rivington and Blackrod Sixth Form, we have a comprehensive program of support to put you in the best position to apply to university and further your career.

The process for job applications and apprenticeships also starts early in Year 13, and you need to have a realistic idea of what is available.

These are important decisions which you need to take seriously. Give these decisions the time and thought they deserve since they will have a major impact later in your life.

UCAS Information

Rivington and Blackrod Sixth Form university applications are made electronically through U.C.A.S. (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) via Apply. Go to www.ucas.co.uk/apply.

Students can apply for up to five courses, although potential doctors, dentists and vets are limited to four (the other one can be used for other subjects or just left blank). It's possible to apply for more than one course at the same university, but these will count as two (or however many) of the student's choices. Individual universities do not see the student's other choices.

The closing date for applications is 15th January (15th October for Oxford and Cambridge, plus medical, dental and veterinary science courses). However, an earlier application is suggested for popular courses and universities, which assess UCAS applications as soon as they arrive. Applications for Art and Design courses can be submitted through Route A or Route B, and these have different deadlines.

The advantage of UCAS Apply is that it is much harder to make mistakes, for example, course code errors; you can also complete your application on your home computers.

If you would like to read the complete UCAS Application Guide, please ask a member of the sixth form team on 01204 333266.