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GCSE Design & Technology

Course contact: Mrs S Dunlop - sdunlop@rbhs.co.uk

Specification: GCSE

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Course Outline

Design and Technology is purposeful, as well as being fun and exciting. It is a creative subject that will allow you to learn and develop product design and making skills.

Learners will experience using real world product design techniques. and applying new technologies when communicating ideas and in manufacture. You will learn commercial practice (2D and 3D computer aided design, illustration, concept modelling) and have the chance to express your creativity through an area of technology you are most interested in, such as graphics, resistant materials (wood/plastics) and/or textiles.

What will I study?

Learners will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and apply creative thinking through practical designing and making activities.

Year 10 will focus on students learning and embracing a range of creative mini-projects that will enable learners to express their ideas through graphic, resistant material or textile outcomes. You will learn how to use and apply:

  • Computer-aided design (Photoshop, 2Ddesign and 3D virtual modelling (sketch-up) for presenting ideas and planning manufacture
  • Modern Technologies - Computer-aided manufacture such as using the laser cutter, 3D Router, vinyl cutter-plotter, 3D Printer, plastic forming, heat transfer.
  • Traditional skills - Sketching, technical drawing, concept/architectural modelling, workshop tools.
  • The properties of a range of materials, processes, existing products and designer style trends

In the summer of Year 10, the GCSE NEA project will commence. At this point, learners can choose to design and make using a graphic focus, resistant material (wood, plastic) or a textile focus. The option to combine these skills will also be permitted, and electronics can be applied to all creative outcomes.

In Year 11, you will continue to apply the knowledge and experience gained to the one creative coursework unit started at the end of Year 10. This will involve the development of a quality product(s) and the submission of a portfolio of design evidence.

How will I be assessed?

  • One coursework project: 35 hours (50% of GCSE Grade)
  • One examination (creative knowledge of the design process applied) - 2 hours (50% of GCSE Grade) at the end of May in Year 11.

The subject can be studied alongside any Art and Design or Photography Option.

What could I do afterwards?

GCSE Design and Technology can lead to studying A-level 3D Design, Level 3 courses such as Engineering and Apprenticeships in the Design and Manufacturing industry.

A career path into Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design, Media, Marketing, Surveying, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Interior Design, Theatre Design, and retail are relevant goals.


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