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GCSE Geography

Course contact: Mrs K Parkinson - kparkinson@rbhs.co.uk

Specification: GCSE

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Course Outline

Geography is a dynamic subject exploring the Earth’s changing landscapes, people, places and environments. It is a discovery of the world in which we live and our impacts upon it. To navigate this, we cover three units;

  • Unit 1: Living with the Physical Environment
  • Unit 2: Challenges in the Human Environment
  • Unit 3: Geographical applications

What will I study?

The new AQA GCSE Geography course gives you the opportunity to explore a broad variety of geographical topics.

Unit 1: Living with the Physical Environment - Discover more about the challenge of natural hazards and the living world, physical landscapes of the United Kingdom and human interaction with them. This unit develops an understanding of the tectonic, geomorphological, biological and meteorological processes and features in different environments. It provides students with the knowledge about the need for management strategies governed by sustainability and consideration of the direct and indirect effects of human interaction with the Earth and the atmosphere.

Unit 2: Challenges in the Human Environment - This unit is concerned with human processes, systems and outcomes and how these change both spatially and temporally. Students will develop an understanding of the factors that produce a diverse variety of human environments; the dynamic nature of these environments that change over time and place; the need for sustainable management; and the areas of current and future challenge and opportunity for these environments.

Unit 3: Geographical Applications - Unit 3 gives you the chance to develop your skills as a geographer through issue evaluation and fieldwork. We will visit Salford to examine the impacts of urban regeneration and then assess the impacts of human intervention on the sand dunes in Formby. Offering an optional trip to GCSE students to Iceland also.

How will I be assessed?

The three units will be assessed through three individual examinations at the end of Year 11.

  • Units 1 and 2 - 35% each, a mixture of multiple choice, short, structured responses and extended writing.
  • Unit 3 - 30% of the total marks, structured answers leading to an extended writing task based on pre-released information for the issue and structured questions about your fieldwork.

What could I do afterwards?

Students can use their GCSE in Geography to continue with their education accessing a wide range of A-level and BTEC courses. It is also a constituent part of the English Baccalaureate. It is a subject very well respected by colleges, universities and employers.

Students can go into jobs working with the Environment Agency, town planning or even disaster management.

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