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Course contact: Mrs L Mulholland - lmulholland@rbhs.co.uk

Specification: GCSE

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Course Outline

Music GCSE focuses on three units: Performing, Composing, Listening and Appraising. You will study all three throughout the two year course.

Performing and Composing are completed as coursework and are worth 60% of the overall GCSE. The Listening and Appraising component is a written exam at the end of the two years and contributes to 40% of the overall GCSE grade.

What will I study?

The Listening and Appraising unit requires you to learn about all types of music, including classical, musical theatre, film music and popular music. You will also study two set works, ‘Badinerie’ by J.S. Bach and ‘Africa’ by Toto, in detail.

During the two-year course, you will learn how to recognise and discuss the use of the elements of music and learn to appreciate many different genres and styles from the 1500s onwards. It is good to have an open mind and be ready to experience lots of unfamiliar styles of music. You will then apply this to create your own compositions by studying different music types.

You will be required to compose two original pieces of music and perform a solo piece and perform in an ensemble. It is essential you already play an instrument and have instrumental/singing lessons either in or out of school.

How will I be assessed?

  • Unit 1: Performing forms 30% of the qualification and is internally assessed. You will be assessed on one solo performance and one ensemble performance.
  • Unit 2: Composing forms 30% of the qualification and is internally assessed. You will compose two compositions. One is a free composition, and the other is based on a brief set by Eduqas.
  • Unit 3: Listening and Appraising forms 40% of the qualification and is a written exam. The paper comprises eight questions; one question will be on one of the set works, and the rest will be unfamiliar music. The exam paper is 1 hour 15

What could I do afterwards?

Students can progress to study Music and/or Music Technology at A-level. It can lead to vocational courses such as BTEC in Music, Music Technology and Performing Arts.

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