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Rivington & Blackrod High School

Year 11 - Sixth Form Transition

To:  2021 Sixth Form Students

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sixth Form for the Year 11 to Sixth Form transition weeks. The Sixth Form years are the most exciting and inspiring phase of your school education. Rivington and Blackrod Sixth Form is a community of around 300 students. Whether you were at Rivington in year 11 or are joining from elsewhere, you can be confident of a warm welcome, and an education that challenges you and pushes you to achieve your best, in a supportive and friendly environment.


After the disruption and uncertainty caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, I am sure you will be keen to move forward and start your Sixth Form studies as soon as possible. We therefore plan to welcome you to the Sixth Form, and to start your year 12 lessons, on Monday 7th June and continue Monday – Thursday each week until Wednesday 30th June.

Please click here to view the Form Time PowerPoint with further details 

We will run a combination of lessons and enrichment activities for four weeks. This will give students a flying start on their A level and BTEC courses, putting them in a great position for when you come back after the summer holidays. And for students on vocational course at college, or an apprenticeship, these weeks will be a great way to prepare.


The study enrichment days currently planned for those students who will be studying A levels or BTECs next year (which may change in response to new guidance regarding the pandemic) are:


Friday 11th June

Team competitions including ‘Laser Tag’ and ‘Last Man Standing’ on the front fields

Friday 18th June


Team building and Leadership day

Friday 25th June


Visit Lancaster University

Monday 28th June – Wednesday 30th June

Kingswood Activity Centre Residential



For students currently at Rivington, your prom is the following week, on Wednesday 7th July


When you start in the Sixth Form in June, there will be no uniform requirement, and you will be based in the sixth form centre. You will follow your year 12 timetable, going to those subjects which you have chosen to study in the Sixth Form.


You may decide during this period to amend your choice of subjects. We will try our best to accommodate your choices.


This has been a difficult year in many ways, not least of which has been the limited opportunities for social interaction and to take part most forms of group and team work. Therefore, we have arranged a three-day residential programme of outdoor activities at the Kingswood Centre near Loggerheads in Wales (https://www.kingswood.co.uk/activity-centres/colomendy/).


As well as providing a fun and enjoyable experience, the activities are designed to develop self-confidence, team work, independence and leadership skills. Due to limited places this residential trip is only for students who have applied and been offered a place at RBHS Sixth Form in September.



We will leave school in the morning on Monday 28th June, and return in the evening of Wednesday 30th June.


The trip is being subsidised so that all can attend. The cost is £150 which includes accommodation, food, all activities and transport. Details of how to pay are below. If you would like support with all or part of this cost, please do not hesitate to contact me. The centre has been thoroughly risk assessed, with all necessary measures in place to reduce the risk of spreading COVID. And of course, should guidance change, there will be a full refund.


As a member of the Sixth Form from 7th June, you will have an ID badge, which for safeguarding reasons, you must wear at all times when around the Sixth Form centre and the school. The badge has a chip in it with which you can swipe in and out to record attendance, and also acts as an electronic key, giving you access to areas of the school. So that we can get this badge ready for when you start in June, please  take a passport style photo of yourself on your phone, and e mail it (making sure you add your name!) to photos@rbhs.co.uk.

You may have also heard about the free scheme to provide all 16-18 year olds with free bus travel within Greater Manchester. Students aged 16 plus can have entirely free travel on any day of the week, up to the end of year 13. You can find out more and apply for your pass by going to https://ourpass.co.uk/about.


And finally, looking further ahead, you will be collecting your GCSE results on Thursday 12th August.


Payment Details


All payments are via Parent Pay, on the school website.



If an activity is cancelled because of events outside the school’s control, all payments will be refunded.





Payment by

University visit 

Friday 25th June


Tuesday 25th May

Kingswood Residential

Monday 28th June – Wednesday 30th June


Friday 14th May


Friday 11th June



I look forward to seeing you on 7th June.   If there is anything you need from us in the meantime, please just ask.


Mr P Canning

Director of Sixth Form


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