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This course provides learners the opportunity to encourage creativity, originality, awareness and become independent developers of digital media in the ICT sector.

The main focus is to equip learners with a range of creative media skills which ultimately allows learners to create fit-for-purpose creative ICT products. This course allows learners to explore different areas of Information creative technologies that interest them as an individual, providing them with the essential knowledge, tools and transferable skills such as research, planning, reviews and working with others. This in turn allows learners to improve in other subjects enhancing their employability when they leave education. 

The aims of this course is to enable learners to understand the basics of planning and designing digital games for the creative digital media sector. 

On completion of this course, learners will be aware of different types of digital games creation software, hardware and peripherals.

They will be able to plan a digital game, create and edit the digital game and test the digital game with a client or focus group, identifying any areas for improvement.

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