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Welcome to Rivington & Blackrod High School

Welcome from the Head of Lower School, Mr Needham

My role is to work with the Head of Year 7, Miss Cavill and our feeder primary schools to ensure that your child has a smooth transition to secondary school. I also work closely with all staff to make sure that our children feel safe, settled and ready to take on the many opportunities that await them.

To further support students making the transition from primary to secondary school, our teachers have created a collection of subject challenges for your child to complete before they join us in September.

In the coming weeks and months, key information will be shared on our school website, updating you with further transition details.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email at lowerschool@rbhs.co.uk. Alternatively, you can call us on 01204 333 366, and a member of the Year 7 Pastoral team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Watch our live Q&A session 

What happens next?

As you will be aware, we have had to adapt to the current situation regarding Covid-19 and how this affects schools; however, we do offer a comprehensive Virtual Transition Package, which supports you and your child.

Below is a timeline list of events you can expect.

Date Event
March 2021 Headteacher’s welcome letter to Year 6 Parents 
31st March 2021 Parents/Carers accept their child's place and complete the online data collection form

Once we have received your online data collection form, you can expect the following events.

Date Events
March 2021 Head of Lower School welcome letter to Year 6 pupils 
March to April 2021 Welcome video
March to April 2021 Parental Guide
March 2021

A virtual tour of Lower School 

May to June 2021 Online ‘live’ taster lessons for pupils
June 2021 'Meet the Year 7 Team’ Presentation
June to July 2021 Introductory phone call to student and parents/carers from the Year 7 Pastoral Team
July 2021 Year 7 Key Parental Information presentation
9th - 13th August 2021

'The Magic of RBHS' summer school

September 2021 Enhanced on-site transition when the new term begins 

Useful Guides/Resources

Families may find the following guides/resources useful:

Virtual Tour of Lower School 

 What do our students think?

Year 7 was wonderful experience. At the start of year 7 I was very worried as I was scared of change. I get that you might be scared of change to but coming to RBHS was the best choice I have made in a long time. The teachers are just so nice, and you can talk to them and they will help you if you need it. You will make friends even if you're the only one from your school. You just need a little spirit. Here is a list of some of the subjects that you will do: Geography, English, History, Computer Science and Art. Don't be scared that you may get lost as lots of people in your class maybe feeling the same way. Also, the teachers will help you find your way. Just remember you're not alone! - Isabelle


Year 7 was a huge transition for me as I went to a small primary with about 25 students per year to now over 300 in just my year! School life is also very different. I had 1 teacher who taught me every subject, but now I have 13 kind and helpful teachers to help me through my day. Secondary school is very scary and big especially for people like me who joined with no one else I knew, it was even scarier but my classmates helped me, with also help from the caring teachers and staff. I soon settled in nicely and now have many friends and learned the way around the school. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt so far it would be "don’t be afraid to ask or get help" there are plenty of people willing to help you, trust me! - Jack


In Year 7 it has been an amazing experience; I have made so many new friends and have met loads of new teachers. Due to lockdown, I haven't had the same experience as other people, but it hasn't stopped me from having a lovely time. There has been loads of fun things to do in school such as Science experiments! When you first come to high school you think ‘I won't have any friends’, ‘I will get lost’ or the ‘work will be hard’! The teachers here are very kind, they help people a lot and help you where lessons are challenging, and also making friends was not that hard as they will be thinking the same thoughts as you are too. Coming to high school has been amazing and I'm looking forward for more. - Maria


Year 7, it is once in a lifetime experience it is amazing you meet many great friends and teachers. Your form is when you meet the one teacher you will see the most, if you get 7D you are lucky, you have nicest teacher called Miss Toth. My Year 7 was a crazy ride going to upper school during lockdown but don’t worry about that, we all know that change is scary but school is in fact fun, and all the teachers will help you a lot and don’t forget if you ever feel alone, you are not as you are one part of a large family. - Ewan


Year 7 is amazing! When I started in Year 7, I didn't know anyone, but I met so many new wonderful friends who always have my back. Please don't be scared of change as it's a good change! Teachers are great if you need any help just ask them, as they will always help. This is a list of subjects that you will be doing there is English, Maths, History, Computer Science, Science, Food Tech, Music, Geography, and lots more amazing subjects. At lunch you can get some delicious food from the canteen like meatballs and rice, Panini, pizza, curry, pasta pots, chilli and much more! - Ella


When I was in Year 6 getting ready to go into high school, I was nervous. However, it wasn't as nerve wrecking as I thought it would be. All the staff are really nice, helpful and caring. You get to do lots of different subjects. The Science experiments are really fun and satisfying, especially using Bunsen burners. I have also made lots of new friends from different primary schools. - Finlay


Subject Challenges

To further support our new intake in making the transition from primary to secondary school, our teachers have created a collection of challenges based on the subjects you will study at Rivington and Blackrod High School. 

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 Recommended Reads

Our Head of English Mrs S Moore has compiled a list of books which pupils may enjoying reading for pleasure:

  • My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabell Pitcher
  • Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • Boy, Everywhere by A.M.Dassu
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
  • Guantanamo Boy by Anna Perera
  • The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson
  • Stone Cold by Robert Swindells
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan

News from Rivington and Blackrod High School

To give you a flavour of life at Rivington and Blackrod High School, here are some recent events and news stories from our school:

 Contact Us

Head of Lower School: Mr R Needham - rneedham@rbhs.co.uk

Head of Year 7: Miss E Cavill – ecavill@rbhs.co.uk

SENCO: Mrs Rawlings- JRawlings@rbhs.co.uk


Meet the Year 7 Team


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